Standard Design

Standard Design

1. Overlap

Our Overlap design is the most common of all the pre-cast, tilt-up concrete fencing we provide. It is also the most cost effective concrete fencing.

Overlap style Precast Concrete Fencing

2. Inline

The Inline design is very similar to our Overlap however it's finished off with a flat, inline walled surface on one side, can be either side.

Inline style Precast Concrete Fencing

3. Cutout

Our Cutout design is recommended to clients who are looking for a unique finish to a wall which is situated at the front of the house. Aluminium slats are the most common for infill panels

Cutout style Precast Concrete Fencing

4. Piers

For clients who are looking to really make an impact, Piers create a great contrast and depth to pre-cast, tilt-up concrete fencing. Also with the addition of cutouts, features really start to stand out.

Pier style Precast Concrete Fencing